Dying for Justice by L.J. Sellers

Dying for JusticeReviewed by Patricia Reid

Clark and Evelyn Jackson were shot to death in their home eleven years ago. Detective Wade Jackson has moved beyond the horror of his parent’s murder and his estrangement from his brother Derrick. Wade and his brother inherited their parent’s home but Derrick lives there even though the house should have been sold and the proceeds divided between the two brothers. When Wade receives a letter from the man who had been convicted of the murders, old wounds are once again brought to the surface.

Hector Vargas was a man who was doing odd jobs for Wade’s parents. Due to an anonymous tip, Vargas was picked up and eventually confessed to the murder of Clark and Evelyn Jackson. Vargas writes that he has cancer and wants to set the record straight before he dies. Wade decides to make the trip to Oregon State Penitentiary even though he feels that Vargas is just trying to make a last minute attempt to clear his conscience.

When Wade hears the story Vargas has to tell he is convinced that Vargas is telling the truth. Vargas did steal from Wade’s parents but swears he did nothing to hurt the couple. Vargas describes his interrogation and the brutality of the two police officers who are still in the department.

Jackson receives permission from his supervisor to spend some time trying to find out more information about the case involving the murder of his parents. He also requests that an investigation begin regarding the allegations made by Vargas regarding police brutality.

Meanwhile Detective Lara Evans, who normally works with Detective Jackson is assigned the case of Gina Stahl. Gina is in a nursing home where she has been for the past two years. Gina was found in her home suffering from what was believed to be an overdose. Gina’s parents could not let go of their daughter and when the time came to make a decision about Gina’s future, her parents moved her to the nursing home where she received therapy and where her parents visited daily. When Gina woke up from her long sleep, she asked that the police be called. Gina contends that she did not attempt suicide but was attacked by someone wearing a ski mask. Gina thinks that person was her ex-husband, Gary Bekker who is a police officer.

Gina contends that Bekker was a sexual predatator who took advantage of women. Before Gina was attacked, she had been investigating Bekker in hopes of getting enough information to turn over to the police in order for a case to be filed against him. Eventually Wade is assigned to work with Detective Evans on the Gina Stahl case.

The two cases begin to overlap and the charges against Bekker begin to pile up. Even though the two cases would be termed as cold cases, the pace of the book is fast. The author has a number of clues throughout the book but none of them revealed the very exciting conclusion.

This is the fifth in the Detective Wade Jackson series. Dying for Justice can be read as a stand-alone.

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