Afraid of the Dark by James Grippando

Afraid of the DarkReviewed by Nancy Eaton

The first chapter of Afraid of the Dark started off with such suspense that I could feel my heart pounding. I was completely hooked.

McKenna, a young girl has been murdered. As she died in the arms of Sgt. Vince Paulo, he managed to get her to say the same of the person who did this terrible thing to her. She named Jamal as the person responsible. Jamal was her ex-boyfriend. Vince heard a noise and thought he could catch Jamal but all of a sudden he heard a blast and everything went black and Vince lost his eyesight.

Jack Swyntek, a Miami criminal defense lawyer, is called in on a case. His job was now to save Jamal from the death penalty. Jamal is accused of being a terrorist. Jamal claims he is innocent of being a terrorist and states that he did not kill McKenna. If he did not murder McKenna, who did? That means a murderer is still out there. Jack wants to withdraw from the case. He is almost positive Jamal will fail the lie detector test. Much to his surprise, Jamal passed the test.

Jack’s investigation will take him to many places and he comes in contact with some evil people like one referred to as The Dark. More bodies start to pile up. Will Jack and Vince be able to find out the truth before something happens to them?

There are so many bits and pieces of this puzzle the reader will often wonder how it will all end. James Grippando does a nice job of bringing it together in a very smooth fashion. Grippando has created some unique characters who are very believable. Afraid of the Dark moves at a fast pace and has a very gripping plot that will keep the reader in suspense throughout the book.

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