A Lesson in Secrets by Jacquelyn Winspear

A Lesson in SecretsReviewed by Nancy Eaton

In A Lesson in Secrets, Maisie Dobbs goes undercover on behalf of Scotland Yard’s Special Branch and the Secret Service. Her undercover job is to be an assistant professor at a college. There is something going on at this college and the secret service wants more information.

It does not take long for a murder to occur at the college. The college’s controversial pacifist founder and principal is murdered. Who is the murderer?

There are also many things going on in Maisie’s personal life right now and this adds to the story. Maisie is now a woman with financial independence. She inherited property, investments and cash from her mentor, Dr. Maurice Blanche.

Will Maisie help solve this case?

I have read many of the Maisie Dobbs books and enjoyed each one of them. Maise Dobbs is a very strong character. This series is always interesting partially because of the time period in which the stories are occurring. We always manage to learn some history when reading this series since they cover the time between WWI and WWII. You do not have to read the entire series to enjoy the latest Maisie Dobbs book but you will probably want to do that if you read this one first. There are plenty of things going on in A Lesson in Secrets and that makes it a little difficult to figure out who committed the murder and that is a good thing for mystery lovers!

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