A Gift for Murder by Karen McCullough

A Gift for MurderReviewed by Patricia Reid

Heather McNeil has faced some very unusual incidents since she became assistant to the director of the Washington, D.C. Commerce & Market Show Center but the most recent one tops them all. The current show at the market center is one where wholesalers display their merchandise and retailers visit the show and place orders for the merchandise. The competition is fierce and the show keeps Heather and her boss, Janelle Addison, very busy.

Tim Bethel, partner in Grantwood & Bethel has disappeared. Although he was seen around the show floor the previous day, he has not put in an appearance at the Grantwood & Bethel booth. Heather leaves the show and goes to Bethel’s hotel in the hopes of finding information about his whereabouts. A maid at the hotel confidentially informs Heather that she doesn’t believe Bethel slept in his room the previous night. Heather informs Bethel’s partner and his assistant Ellen Spencer that if they don’t locate him soon the authorities might have to be called in.

Later, Heather asks Mark, the show’s electrician to accompany her to the receiving area to follow up on a complaint that the area was a mess. Heather and Mark began to clean up the area in receiving that had been left in a mess. That’s when the body of Tim Bethel was discovered in the dumpster.

Soon the whole show was buzzing with gossip about what might have happened to Tim Bethel. It seems that Scott Brandon, who was a former police officer, had been hired just in time. Heather began her investigation much to the dismay of the police and her boss. Brandon agreed to help her out. Naturally, Heather’s questions rubbed some people the wrong way and Heather soon found herself not only in trouble at work but also in danger from the person who murdered Tim Bethel.

This is the first book in the Market Center Mysteries.

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