61 Hours by Lee Child

61 HoursReviewed by Allen Hott

Very interesting! This guy can write. 61 Hours is one of the latest (but not the latest yet) Jack Reacher novels that Lee Child has written. This one is a true classic. There may be one slight problem for the reader (which he will discover at the end) but it certainly is not a problem for Child. Whatever it takes to get the reader to go out and get the next book, right?

Jack Reacher is the tall, tough, former MP/CID agent with a heart of gold when it comes to helping good people. But if the people are bad they had better beware because Reacher is hell on wheels. Strangely enough in the Child books however there is very little profanity and little or no sex. Just plain hard-nosed investigating, chasing, fighting, and moving on.

Yes Reacher does move on and in 61 Hours he has moved into South Dakota. Strangely enough he moves into a small town of Bolton by way of hitching a ride on a half empty tour bus carrying senior citizens on their way to see Mount Rushmore. However a bus wreck forces all of them including Reacher into Bolton at least for the night. It turns out the weather becomes a real nightmare with snow, wind, and temperatures down to 28 degrees below zero.

The weather becomes an ongoing part of the story as many of the happenings occur out of doors and it never warms up. But the action warms up as Reacher is drawn into the mystery currently enveloping the town. One of the problems is that a large prison adjoins the town and part of the deal in getting the prison was that the Bolton police would be on call in full force if ever they were needed. The prison houses county, state, and federal prisoners so there is always the possibility of riots, etc.

Also recently bikers have moved in next to town in a rundown former government installation. And even more recently the cops had arrested a big time hoodlum from Chicago for making a major drug purchase in the local diner’s parking lot. The arrest was based on an older lady’s eyewitness of the deal. She is now in protective custody in her home.

Throughout the story the reader is constantly reminded that since the beginning of the story time is winding down. The timeline started at 61 Hours and ever so often a new lesser amount of time is registered. The reader only knows that it is getting closer to zero hour but not what that means. However a Mexican gang leader who is deeply involved in the drug trade has set that time in motion.

Quite a complex story and all of the time Child continues to paint the picture of the tremendous cold! His descriptions of the cold make the reader feel the bone-chilling weather. A really great “don’t put down” book that ends very strangely!
Read it!

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