The Final Detail by Harlan Coben

The Final DetailReviewed by Allen Hott

An earlier Myron Bolitar thriller by Coben and a very interesting twisting story. One major difference is that in this one Myron is working with a baseball player rather than a basketball player, which is his normal fixation. However he and his crew are involved as agents for sports figures so the story is entirely believable.

What does seem unbelievable however is that Esperanza, his former girl Friday and now partner at MB Agents, has just been charged with the murder of one of their clients. Or as the case would have it “former” clients. All of this transpired while Myron was off out of touch with the world. He was supposedly getting over a “final” breakup with his long time love. No one knew where he had gone nor how long he would be gone. Luckily Win Horne, Myron’s longtime associate and master of everything imaginable was able to track him down.

Even though both Myron and Win feel confident that Esperanza did not in fact kill Clu Haid, the former client, they find quickly that they have their work cut out for them in finding the real killer. One major part of their problem is that Esperanza refuses to speak with them and her attorney also refuses to deal with them in any way.

As the two begin unraveling all the twisted elements in the crime they find themselves involved with transsexuals, the New York Yankees’ owners, another somewhat unsavory sports agency, and as usual the law.

Although she was told by Esperanza to not talk to or work with Myron on the case it turns out that Big Cyndi, the other part of MB Agents, does in fact get very involved in helping put Myron and Win on the right path.

But there are many obstacles along the way and it seems as though Myron is able to stumble over each and every one of them. Sadly for him many of them happen to be of the physical nature and again sadly for him most of the bad things that can happen do happen to him physically.

While all of the investigating is going on other things are also going on in Myron’s life. Not only is his personal love life quickly eroding (or so it seems) but his parents also have reached a critical period in their lives, which really is hard for him to accept.

Coben has done his usual great spinning of an enjoyable yarn with enough clever dialogue to keep the reader’s interest while attempting to sort through all the many clues that tell much of the truth of what happened. Not always easy to catch though because of his mastery of plotting, twisting and turning! Great job!

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