The Chinese Conspiracy by John Mariotti

The Chinese Conspiracy by John MariottiReviewed by Julie Moderson

John Mariotti is an accomplished corporate executive and has written hundreds of business articles and numerous books. I think The Chinese Conspiracy is excellent and very thought provoking.

In Briggs, WV something weird has been going on for the last few months. Nothing works in the middle of the night. Cell phones just hum, television and internet don’t work, and then several hours later they start working again. Jim Martini was from Briggs and had heard from several people that something wasn’t right about how Wilton Manufacturing closed. Everything was going just fine and then they just closed the shop down. Jim promised to look into it. He goes back to Briggs and is shocked by the town; the only thing that is prospering is the bars. Martini was known as the Mule in high school, so he was a little bit stubborn. When Martini started digging around Wilton Manufacturing he knew something was wrong but couldn’t figure out what it was. He continued to hear about electronics not working. He gets some friends in high places involved and finds that Wilton Manufacturing is being used as a control center for Chinese terrorists, who are silencing the whole world.

This is a book about a conspiracy by the Chinese to silence the world and blackmail the United States. At times it seems a bit far fetched but when you think about what could happen it scares the hell out of you.

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