Supreme Justice by Phillip Margolin

Supreme JusticeReviewed by Vickie Dailey

Philip Margolin once tried a case before the Supreme Court. Through firsthand knowledge and many interviews with court personnel, he combines real experiences with fiction to create a really good novel.

Supreme Justice reunites attorney Brad Miller, Keith Evans of the FBI and P.I. Dana Cutler in a sequel to 2008’s Executive privilege.

Brad is now clerking for Supreme Court Justice Felicia Moss. When she is almost brutally attacked, Brad saves her in the parking garage of the court. After Brad saves her he shares that he has had co-workers asking about the current cert before the court. Oregon VS. Woodruff. Becoming suspicious, she askes Brad to enlist his friend PI Dana Cutler to go to Oregon and investigate. Sarah Woodruff is on death row in Oregon for killing her lover John Finley.

Meanwhile, a former CIA Chief is forcing the President to support his choice for the open Justice position. Masterson is also Brad’s fiance Ginny’s boss.

Brad, Dana and Keith search for the clues to tie all pieces of the puzzle together.

Supreme Justice has many twists and turns to keep any reader engaged. While it is a follow up novel to Executive Privilege, the story stands on its own, and does not require reading Executive Privilege though if you enjoy Margolin’s books you may want to read it first.

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