Super Body, Super Brain: The Workout That Does It All By Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

Super Body, Super Brain by Michael Gonzalez-WallaceReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

There seems to be a new health, diet or fitness book published every week and so my first thought when I started browsing through this book was is this book really necessary? Is there anything left that hasn’t been said before? Well, after reading the book cover to cover and then going back and tagging specific areas for a closer look, my thoughts have changed to more like what a great addition to the “Health and Fitness” section of bookstores and libraries around the country this book is! The author has taken the subject of personal fitness and developed a plan that incorporates not only diet and exercise, but involves the mind as well. Though a performance trainer himself, the author used input from various health practitioners from neuroscientists to physicians to psychiatrists to develop his program.

The book is divided unto three parts. Each part is geared to people with varying stamina and differing goals. The program is very easy to follow with photographs and charts where helpful. Part One is titled The Basics Behind the Brain-Muscle Connection. There are four chapters that site various researches into the mind-body connection. While this was my least favorite part of the book, it sets up the philosophy behind the rest of the book. Part Two titled Exercises consists of eight chapters six of which deal with a different level of exercise based on the reader’s need. Not only is the workout explained in great detail, there are photographs showing the exercise being performed so that there is little room for error. Then there is a chapter devoted entirely to walking and lastly one for family mind-body health. Part Three is titled Eating Plan and is exactly what the title says it is. It is one chapter long and gives the reader an action plan to develop a healthy eating plan to support the exercises and create a healthy living lifestyle. While there is really not a lot of new material covered in this chapter that most people who read this sort of book has not heard before, the plan is set up in a logical systematic way.

It’s just a little past New Years and Spring is coming up on us fast. It’s not too late to pick up this book and start all of your best laid New Year’s resolutions over again.

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