Merger by Sanjay Sanghoee

Merger by Sanjay SanghoeeReviewed by Julie Moderson

Sanjay Sanghoee was an investment banker and currently works with a hedge fund. He has written some spec episodes for TV shows Law and Order and Without a Trace. This is a first book for Sanghoee and hopefully he will continue to create fiction for us to enjoy for a long time. I am so impressed by his development of the characters and the plot was so intense with an ending you never could foresee.

Sanghoee gives us an insider’s view of corporate crime from the perspective of a corporate criminal. This is a new breed of criminals that has come from the 1980’s due to greed and they are much more dangerous than we know.

Merger is about a newspaper reporter for the New York Times, Amanda Fleming. She is in an on and off relationship with Jack Ward a field agent for the FBI. Her job at the New York Times in the business section really doesn’t challenge her; what she really wants is to do some investigative work.

When Amanda gets an anonymous phone call from someone with information on the merger of two companies, TriNet and Luxor Satellite, she thought this would be a real coup for her career as a journalist. What Amanda doesn’t know is she is a pawn in a deadly game. When the story was published the shares of TriNet rose at an unbelievable rate. Vikram Suri was the CEO of TriNet and he was a force to be listened to. He had set Amanda up along with so many others that had no idea they were being set up to be blackmailed. We learn about what goes on behind closed doors on Wall Street and how corrupt some CEOs are and about unethical bankers who cheat.

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