Don’t Tell Nobody: A Forbidden Desire Not Forever Vulnerable by Darryl Wayne

Don't Tell Nobody Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

For a person such as me, the reading and reviewing of this book was extremely difficult. I respect those that are gays or lesbians to live that type of life but to write a respectable review I must change gears in my thinking and write through the eyes of them. The language is very explicit and is meant for adults only.

Young girls and boys that were born and raised in a very poor and run down section of Philadelphia started life with, in their eyes, a world against them. They grew up with much abuse, sexual and physical, homes with little or no morals or normal family closeness, and little personal space of their own in area and in privacy. They got used from day one of their memory to being abused by those in their own homes as well as many in the neighborhood. They learned at a very young age that giving and taking sex and abuse was a part of their life, want it or not. They existed with drugs, sex, rape, beatings, and mental anguish every day of their life as long as they could remember. They carved out a life of their own on the streets, alleys, condemned houses, and rarely lived in the same place more than several nights in a row unless they had met someone that would take them in feeling sorry for them but expecting something such as sex in return.

The young man in this story went from a short term sex partners to long term ones, never knowing how long any would last. That partnership would break up and restart several times until the abuse or the taking advantage of got too severe. He describes his sex partners almost all of who were males, giving blow-by-blow descriptions of their sexual acts and the pleasure derived from them or the abusive torture once in a while.

A few times he gave deep thought to believing in and loving God and Jesus. He expressed this in several parts of the story. Whether he ever did so completely the reader can’t really tell, only the direction he thought he desired to go. I really don’t know if this story is the way some gays and lesbians live or just a sample of some and how hard it can be.

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