The Fashion File by Janie Bryant

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

The Fashion File by Jamie BryantWith such smash hits as Deadwood and Mad Men on her resume, fashion designer Janie Bryant surely knows the ends and outs of dressing stars in character and period appropriate fashions. With this book, Bryant tries her hand at giving readers tips for ordinary people in today’s world. The results are stunning to say the least.

With each chapter, Bryant first runs through how she addresses the topic in her profession life and then shows readers how to apply the “lesson” to their own attempts at creating their look. While some of the clothing and accessories may seem to be out of stride with the soccer moms daily life, there is enough practical advice and examples to make this a working book for most readers. For instance, not only does the author give very specific instructions on measuring yourself for the proper bra fit, she also explains why a woman needs to own different styles of bras (and other undergarments) to make the most of various types of clothing. One of my favorite sections is a two page spread showing how to “upgrade” your comfort wears (also known as “fashion felons”) to their stylish substitutes without losing the comfort factor. Another chapter titled “The Importance of being Accessorized’ shows readers various ways to dress up and down a simple dress, multiple ways to completely change your look with merely changing your jewelry and scarves, and what fabulous things can be done with a stunning handbag or pair of shoes.

There is a short chapter on dressing your man with quite clear illustrations on how to tie various ties, ten essentials for his wardrobe and how different types of dress shirts can make a fashion statement.

Between each chapter is a page titled Cocktail Chatter with interesting facts that are not only interesting to know, but possible conversation fillers at such places as cocktail parties.

Fans of the television hit series Mad Men will not be disappointed in this book even if they are not huge fashion magazine groupies. The book is filled with photographs of the stars of the series decked out in their period costumes. January Jones (Betty Draper) wrote a very interesting forward to the book. The book ends with a piece on color therapy by Elizabeth Moss (Peggy Olson) and style inspiration by Christina Hendricks (Joan Holloway).

The Fashion File is a book that readers will come back to time and time again.

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