Trail of Blood by Lisa Black

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

Trail of Blood by Lisa BlackTrail of Blood features forensic scientist Theresa MacLean. Theresa is called to an abandoned building where a decapitated body has been found. The body is decayed and everyone assumed this is the victim of The Torso Killer who murdered victims about seventy-five years ago and had never been caught.

Theresa and her cousin Frank, a member of the Cleveland Police Department, investigate a new gruesome murder and all evidence points to a killing very similar to the one done by the Torso Killer. It does not take Theresa and Frank very long to come to the conclusion that this murder is the work of a serial killer and very similar to the killings done by The Torso Killer. Could this murder be the work of a copycat killer?

As Theresa and Frank investigate, she starts to feel danger everywhere. Is the serial killer keeping an eye on Theresa? Do Theresa and Frank find the serial killer before something happens to them?

Trail of Blood captivated my attention from the very first page. I enjoyed the plot because there is enough suspense to keep one guessing right to the end. The author does a great job with her descriptions of the victims to the point that if one is a little squeamish they might want to skip over this part. However, the detail is important to make the reader understand what the serial killer does to the victims. For those readers who like stories that place an importance on evidence, this is the book for you. Theresa MacLean’s character shows that she is not afraid to get involved to find the killer. Trail of Blood is everything that I enjoy about a thriller – a suspenseful plot, compelling characters and a fast paced read that keeps you guessing.

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