Staying Fit After 60: Introducing the Exercise for Life Program by Calvin Hill

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Who would be the most likely person for writing a fitness book than someone who is a living example of a particular program?

Staying Fit After 60:  Introducing the Exercise for Live Program by Calvin HillCalvin Hill realized as he was approaching the age of sixty, that he was not living a healthy lifestyle. Determined to live life to the fullest, he developed his own fitness program for people who are not planning to spend immense amounts of money on equipment or a health club.

For the past seventeen years, Calvin Hill has been the walking billboard for his program. He is his best endorsement for this particular series of exercises for keeping fit mentally and physically.

As Hill approached the age of sixty, he began exercising and started to search for simple activities that would strengthen every muscle and bone group in his body. The results were the loss of thirty pounds, feeling more mentally alert, and discovering less stress on his joints resulting in less pain.

The positive aspects of his program include simple exercises and directions. A DVD is also available of his program.

This short novel is interspersed with his personal poetry surrounding his life style philosophy and the actual exercises. The actual exercises are not difficult and do not require any special equipment. The repetitions for each exercise do seem large usually fifty or more repetitions.

One exercise did concern me that was the “brain bounce”. In this particular exercise you rotate and bounce your head while lying on the floor. This is to increase the circulation of the blood through the brain. How can bouncing your head slow down or stop Dementia or Alzheimer’s? This former boxing enthusiast is convinced that the increased circulation is the reason.

For Calvin Hill this program works. If you are considering trying his system, consult a doctor before beginning any exercise program and start slowly.

STAYING FIT AFTER 60 by Calvin Hill is a self-published book.

Calvin Hill was born in Michigan and received training in mechanical engineering. He found success in the world of selling and marketing through much of his life. He has previously written THE ART OF POWER AND CONTROL SELLING.

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