Shattered by Kathryn Casey

Reviewed by Julie Moderson

Shattered by Kathryn CaseyKathryn Casey is a well know true crime author. Casey has written six true crime books and has spent over twenty years researching and writing about real people. She understands so much about law enforcement and the criminal mind.

Belinda Temple was married to her college sweetheart. David Temple was a former high school and college star football player and they seemed to be living a fairy tale marriage. David was a teacher and high school football coach. Belinda was a warm, loveable high school teacher who her co-workers called the Sunshine Girl. Belinda was a twin to Brenda who saw sadness in her sister the last time she visited her.

The murder happened on January 11, 1999 when David supposedly discovered Belinda’s lifeless body in a closet after she had been shot in the head at close range killing her and her unborn baby Erin. Belinda was eight months pregnant when she died. Belinda’s family wants the killer caught and punished. David
doesn’t seem to care because it won’t bring Belinda back.

Casey takes you through the nine years that it takes for this case to go to trial. You feel the frustrations of Belinda’s family and friends. You are shocked by the behavior of the Temple family. This is an amazing story and it is so well written.

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