Worst Case by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

worstReviewed by Nancy Eaton

What happens when someone tries to change the world but it seems like no one will listen?

NYPD Detective Michael Bennett is a widower with ten children. He is called in to investigate a recent kidnapping. More kidnappings start to occur and they all have one thing in common – the victims all come from wealthy families.

Even more interesting is the fact that the kidnapper isn’t demanding any kind of ransom. He gives his victims a quiz. The kidnapper doesn’t go by the usual pass-fail critique but uses the pass-die system.

As parents of some of the victims start to place more pressure on the Mayor to do something more to find the kidnapper, the FBI gets involved and sends in an Abduction Specialist, Emily Parker, to work with Bennett on the case.

As Bennett and Parker investigate, they soon realize that the worst is yet to come. Are they able to solve this case?

Worst Case is typical Patterson. The book is well-written, gives you plenty of suspense and some sparks of romance between Bennett and Parker. The authors do a good job of letting the reader see behind the mind of a person who is very intelligent but at the same time acts like a madman to carry on these kidnappings. I have never been disappointed with a book by James Patterson. Yes, some are better than others but I always enjoy each one of his novels. Worst Case is definitely one of his best!

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