Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline

twiceReviewed by Cy Hilterman

The ever humorous and exciting character of Bennie Rosato is back in an adventure that could cost her life when her much kept-away-from twin sister, Alice Connelly, physically and mentally enters Bennie’s life. Bennie is the head of a successful Philadelphia law firm that has many good lawyers, most of who are employees Bennie considers good friends, not just employees. The twins were separated when they were born because their parents couldn’t raise one much less two children. When Bennie found out she had a twin sister and also discovered that Alice was a no good tramp, she avoided her at all costs.

So when Alice showed up at Bennie’s house, Bennie tried to get rid of her but thought she would give Alice a chance again. Wrong move! Before long, Alice had slipped Bennie a drug to knock her out and knock Bennie out it did. When Bennie started to come back to realization, she found herself in a confined space of some sort and could not move much at all and had NO air. She discovered the top of the box, or whatever it was, was made of wood. She clawed, scraped, kicked, threw her arms, legs, and whatever she could to move or get oxygen without much success. Then she heard strange sounds coming from above that sounded as though an animal was digging from the top trying to get to the “food” that was under that wood.

Meanwhile, the completely different personality and life style twin sister was quickly learning how to become Bennie so she could obtain all of Bennie’s money and live her life in such a better lifestyle than she always had. Alice was a slut so it took much changing and not just in appearance to run Bennie’s law firm and how to learn how to treat all the employees. Mary DiNunzio was one of the firms’ best lawyers and one of Bennies best friends. Mary and Bennie had discussed the possibility that she might become partner in the firm soon.

Alice, acting as Bennie, took over Bennie’s home, money, old boyfriend, and undertook her total takeover of Bennie’s life but really entered a ton of problems when dealing with Bennie’s family, Mary’s family, and Judy Carrier and her family. Judy was a best buddy of Bennie and Mary. The Italian family was one Alice avoided when she could. When Bennie, all banged up and broken, finally escaped the box Alice had buried her in, the problems really began for Bennie. Alice had arranged to financially take over Bennie’s life so she could have a rich life after she got away from all that knew her. Even the law authorities didn’t know which twin was Bennie.

There is much humor, love, disputes of all kinds, even some law (Bennie is a lawyer!) gets worked in with Alice being involved in cases she faintly knew about. The battle between right and evil is brought out in “Think Twice” all the way through the book and it will have you laughing, crying, moving your legs trying to run while reading, and never knowing what the next page will bring. An excellent story. Thanks Lisa. Keep them coming.

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