Saving Faith by David Baldacci

savingReviewed by Allen Hott

Could there in fact be a group of gentlemen in Washington D.C. who control all facets of the intelligence agencies? Could this group in fact be running our country with little regard for the elected officials? And could this group be doing all of this while believing it is in fact best for the country?

Saving Faith explores this possibility and shows the consequences of that happening. The FBI and CIA although working together in many areas are also enemies in other areas and by each’s own clandestine methods are able to cause many problems for each other.

Danny Buchanan had worked as a lobbyist for many years and had recently been tricked into working for Robert Thornhill, the Deputy Director of Operations of the CIA. Thornhill had begun his own strategy, which would ensure that the CIA would be put back to its former place in the strategic services of the government. A place that had been taken away from them by the Senate and given to the FBI.

Buchanan’s top aide, Faith Lockhart, realizes what he is doing and decides to report to the FBI. However Thornhill has moles everywhere and finds out what she is doing. He then sets up a method to have her killed. Buchanan in the meantime begins to fear for his and Faith’s safety. He hires a private investigator, Lee Adams, to follow Faith and keep her safe.

And then the story begins! Baldacci does his normal job of building, twisting, and turning novel that keeps the reader’s interest throughout. Each step toward the finish is fraught with some type of intrigue. Each character has a place and creates believable happenings. Especially Lee Adams as he does his best to shield Faith while often worrying that she is not to be wholly trusted.

Much of what happens seems sometimes to be a little far fetched until the reader thinks about what has happened in his recent memory.
Watergate was only one of many unbelievable events that has rocked Washington.

As these particular occurrences take place the reader is pulled further and further into the maze. And as usual Baldacci writes with very little profanity and very little out and out sex.

Saving Faith carries the reader up to the finish not knowing all of the facts but enough to keep the interest. And as with all Baldacci stories, all’s well that ends well!

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