Road Dogs by Elmore Leonard

roadReviewed by Allen Hott

Two dudes meet up in prison and because of the way Fred Foley, a white bank robber treats Cundo, a Cuban gangster they become fast friends. Foley has quite a reputation as he supposedly robbed more banks than John Dillinger or any other of the old bank robbers. This reputation places him very high on the prison totem pole and he stands up for Cundo in several instances at the onset of this term.

Foley was serving a very long term and had just busted out but was quickly re-apprehended and this is the reason for their meeting up. Cundo who has built himself quite a nest egg on the West Coast by selling drugs, etc. decides that Foley needs to use Cundo’s lawyer to get his term reduced. He pays upwards of thirty thousand dollars to a special female attorney who works wonders. She not only get the sentence reduced she actually gets Foley out before Cundo based on time served.

Cundo insists that Foley need not repay the cost of the attorney but that they will figure out something for both of them to do to make money once he is out.

Foley is very appreciative and heads to the West Coast to wait for Cundo’s release and also look out for Cundo’s wife.

Little does either of the two convicts know exactly what the wife has in mind as far as financial matters are concerned. She has been thinking and scheming up a grand plan and the arrival of Foley tends to cloud the issue. Also involved in the story is another Cuban who owes a large debt to Cundo for help escaping from Cuba and then being set up as his financial wizard in his illegal/legal dealings in Venice California.

And to further complicate matters Lou Adams, a federal agent, has sworn a personal vendetta against Foley and is working hard to be there when he does his next bank job. Foley knows this and continues to provoke and aggravate Adams by swearing that there will be no next job.

Additional characters and subplots really keep Road Dogs moving and make it a very interesting read. The language used and sexual references are somewhat raw in places but acceptable because of the characters and story line. Leonard is a very well known established novelist and Road Dogs continues his string of hits.

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