Out Cold by Tom Schreck

coldReviewed by Patricia Reid

Karl is an ex-GI with post traumatic issues and one of Duffy’s clients at Jewish Unified Services. Duffy doesn’t put much stock in what Karl has to say until Duffy suffers from a head injury himself. Then Karl doesn’t look quite so crazy.

Duffy even goes so far as to allow Karl to move into his trailer. Al, Duffy’s basset hound, bonds with Karl from the start. So begin the adventures of Duffy, Karl and Al as they take a road trip to the Notre dame football opener. The group is not there to watch football but Karl has a premonition that there will be a Columbine-type massacre at the game. This prediction isn’t quite on point but there are still more battles to be fought.

All of Duffy’s old friends from the bar are around to add a touch of humor and Al is always loveable although not necessarily good mannered.

Duffy and Al are always fun and Out Cold is no exception.

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