Night of the Living Deb by Susan McBride

debReviewed by Cy Hilterman

If you lost your boyfriend (you are a woman) when he attended a bachelor party for a friend that was held at a strip joint, how would you feel? That’s what happened to rich girl Andy Kendricks when Brian Malone failed to appear after that questionable night. Oh Andy might understand to some degree why he went to such a place but where and why did he disappear without a clue? Brian had been seen running out of the back door of the strip club with one of the strippers and he was immediately suspected to be the culprit in the disappearance. Possibly the worst part is that Andy attended a similar type of place where males were “on display” and had one wrapped around her neck! This the very same night Brian was attending his bachelor party.

The search for Brian involved his ex-wife, Andy’s mother and her new boyfriend, and several neighbors that always had to “butt in” when anything appeared not completely normal. When Brian’s car was found with the strippers dead body in the trunk, the police came in to play and many became a suspect. The two investigating cops, nick-named Starsky and Hutch, placed much pressure on all of them, being sure one of them killed the stripper.

The entire scene became murky when one of the clients who was represented by the firm for whom Brian was an attorney became involved in the investigation. Andy’s mothers boyfriend, Stephen, offered his assistance to help Andy find her old boyfriend since she did love him and knew he couldn’t have killed the stripper, despite what the police think. A strange ransom was demanded. This brought the family together to plan as best they could to end this mess of a puzzle while not losing the money and getting Brian back in one piece—alive!

A very entertaining story containing many humorous parts that allow you to laugh while questioning who did what to who! Good story Susan.

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