The Ultimate NASCAR Insider’s Track Guide by Liz Allison

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Whether you are brand new to the NASCAR circuit or already a die hard fan, Liz Allison’s The Ultimate NASCAR Insider’s Track Guide will be a handy book to have. Divided in two parts, the first section gives readers a very detailed and concise guide to help plan your day at the track. With sections that cover everything from how to deal with traffic, score autographs, how to behave (and what to wear) when visiting the pits or garage area, and advice on how to make the day enjoyable for children, even those who have never even watched a race on television will be well prepared.

Part Two of the book, and by far the larger of the two sections, is an in depth review of each of the NASCAR racetracks around the country. Each chapter starts with a general map of the track, the address and other contact information and specific information about the track including it’s length, shape, bank degree and grandstand capacity. From there the author gives a brief history of the track, track records and “fast facts” about that race track. Next comes information on parking, specifics in regard to what items to bring with you and which things are banned, track rules and where to buy souvenirs. One of the very best features of this book is the way that Allison has included insider tips for the specific tracks. Interesting information like where the best-if not most expensive-seats are located, which tracks offer parking passes or VIP tickets (and how to get them) and in the case of one track must have hot dogs are examples of the tips the author dishes up.

Also included in the second part with each tracks’ review, are quite extensive listings of lodging (including camping), places to eat, hospitals and pet facilities (since virtually no track allows pets). Besides listing the lodging, the author specifies which are track owned or operated, how and when to book track operated rooms or campsites and the dangers of staying elsewhere. Boxes highlighted in gray are special places to eat titled “Must Eats.” Also listed are shopping areas, interesting sites to see and a listing of houses of worship. Even though many turn their NASCAR day into a weekend affair, this book gives readers enough information to stay a week at least-or gives alternate things for the non-race fan in your party to do while you are at the race.

The Ultimate NASCAR Insider’s Track Guide is the perfect book for those readers who are contemplating taking in a NASCAR race for the first time. It’s also a great guide to the NASCAR tracks for those readers who are already die hard race fans.

An iPhone Application for the book has been created.
App Description:
Everything you need to plan your race weekend-at any track on the circuit.

From dining and shopping to lodging and tips for getting driver autographs, this is the app that every NASCAR fan needs. The home screen features an outline of the track layout; click on a car to get to listings of restaurants, hotels, and area attractions. There is a how-to for ticket purchasing, tips on what you can [and can’t] bring in to the grandstands, instructions for using a garage area access pass, and much more.

The app also includes a section on what to do in case of an emergency, whether it’s you or your four-legged friend. All phone numbers will automatically dial when clicked for any establishment listed [iPhone only].

You can even e-mail friends to recommend it and buy other circuits right through the app. Each app includes an overview of the track experience, an area map link, and plenty of helpful advice that will make your weekend at the race a memorable experience.

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Below is a link to a short YouTube video demonstrating the app’s functionality:

iPhone NASCAR App Video

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