Letters to Penthouse XXXVI by the Editors of Penthouse Magazine

penthouseReviewed by Joanne Reynolds

This is a book of letters that were written to Penthouse magazine to be included in their column called Forums. People write in with their sexual experiences. The experiences are very varied, from truckers to high society individuals. Very short letters, most of them, and don’t have a plot or anything but the experience of having sex.

Are these really letters written about personal experiences or maybe just someone’s fantasy about these experiences? Can’t judge and don’t really care. These are just little paragraphs about sex and all of the different ways that people enjoy it.

This is definitely not for the faint of heart or those that have no desire to read very erotic stories. OK if you want a little titillation. Didn’t particularly want to continue reading, just wanted to get this review in and spread my wings a little.

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