It’s All About Us #6: The Chic Shall Inherit the Earth by Shelly Adina

inheritReviewed by Kristen Leong (Note: Kristen is one of our young adult reviewers).

Lissa Mansfield is back and the tale of an extraordinary group of girls has come full circle with her book. She has come so far with her friends and she’s going to need all of their support for this next bend in the road. Vanessa Talbot ruined her and has done everything to make Lissa’s life miserable. But now that the tables have turned and Vanessa is disgraced while Lissa stands as the new golden girl, can Lissa do what Vanessa could never do and forgive the other girl?

Vanessa won’t make things easy, though, and Lissa is shocked that her friends aren’t exactly supporting her gesture of goodwill, either. God is listening to their prayer circles, but has yet to help them all with their personal decisions about their futures. Lissa is still unsure about what she wants with her future while all of her friends seem to have everything figured out for them already. And with graduation and Senior Cotillion right around the corner, Lissa also has the added stress of finding a date. Kaz is the obvious choice, but will he really want to go as “just friends?” Kaz and Lissa have to work out their relationship, but God is still there for all of them.

Shelley Adina has concluded the girls’ high school lives wonderfully. The drama and constant shout outs to God are intertwined and one can see the importance of the girls’ faiths to holding together their hectic lives. I personally liked the book because despite any religious views I may hold, I have a healthy respect for the power of their faith in God and their belief that he will help make things right in the end. Vanessa may not be the nicest person in the world, but she needs a friend and Lissa reaches out to her when no one else will. That is truly admirable and while the book concludes, but the story does not, I look forward to any continuations to the girls’ stories.

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