Hush by Kate White (Review #2)

hushReviewed by Julie Moderson

Kate White is editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine. She is also the author of many fiction and nonfiction books. Very few high profile editors have successfully been able to balance overseeing a major magazine and being an independent writer.

Hush is is an excellent read. From the first page to the last you cheer on Lake to find out who the killer is and why.

Lake Warren had her own consulting business that came up with marketing strategies for clients in the health and beauty industries. She was separated from her husband Jack and her two children were at a camp. Jack was trying to get full custody of the children and Lake was upset.

Lake is working with a Park Avenue fertility center doing PR work. This clinic has a very high success rate with older women and everyone seems friendly. Dr. Mark Keaton is very attractive single doctor and Lake is attracted to him. Lake has a one-night stand with Dr. Keaton but he is found dead in the morning. Lake is trying to figure out who killed Dr. Keaton before the killer finds out who she is. Lake is not sure who to trust and who to ask to help her.

This is a great book that you won’t be able to put down. There are no dull spots in this fast paced thriller. You’re not sure who the killer is or why they killed Dr. Keaton.

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