Heist Society by Ally Carter

heistReviewed by Kristen Leong (Note: Kristen is one of our young adult reviewers).

Katarina Bishop comes from a long line of thieves. Art thieves to be exact. She had everything, yet she walked away from it all three months ago, leaving behind her family and her best friend, W. W. Hale the Fifth. Her escape was complete and she has kept herself truly free from her old world, immersing herself into the boring Colgan School’s culture. But something’s gone wrong. Kat has been framed for a crime she did not commit and she’s been expelled from Colgan. She leaves the school only to find that her best friend, Hale has come back and dragged her back into the family business.

Kat’s father, Bobby Bishop, is the only suspect Arturo Taccone has for the theft of his five most precious works of art. Arturo Taccone is a different kind of evil and he’s given Kat two weeks to get the art back and clear her father’s name because nothing she says can convince Taccone that her father is innocent of this particular crime. With her father’s well-being at stake, Kat has to rejoin the world that she so seamlessly left three months ago and scrounge up a crew that can take on the world’s best thief and one of the most guarded art museums in the world.

Heist Society is written by Ally Carter, author of the Gallagher Girls series. This new book is not part of her Gallagher Girls series, but it does have some of the some similarities. For example, both are about exceptionally brilliant girls who have their own little worlds outside the normal lives of teenaged girls. Cammie is a spy in training whereas Kat is an extremely successful thief who left the family business only to be dragged back in. I found that Heist Society was an engaging book full of suspense, good pacing, and the required romance in all young adult novels. Four and a half out of six stars for this book.

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