False Convictions by Tim Green

falseReviewed by Nancy Eaton

The Freedom Project is a charity group whose main purpose is to help clear wrongfully convicted prisoners.

Casey Jordan has always worked to help the people who did not have much. She is made an offer by billionaire founder of the Freedom Project, Robert Graham. He offered her one million dollars annually to use in her legal clinic. All she had to do in return was handle a couple of cases for him each year. Casey could turn down this offer – the money would mean so much to be able to help people.

Casey’s first case is to investigate the case of Dwayne Hubbard, a black man, convicted of the rape and murder of a college student many years ago. Dwayne is serving a life sentence for this crime. Casey figured this case would be easy because of DNA evidence.

As Casey digs deeper into the case, she starts to receive death threats and much resistance. Why? She is shocked when she discovers more and more about what happened in the original case and is now in the middle of trying to exonerate Dwayne and protect her own life.

Is Casey able to exonerate Dwane before someone gets to her?

False Convictions gets more and more exciting with the turn of each page. There are many twists and turns that keep the story going at a good pace. Tim Green has written a thriller with an ending that will not disappoint. As always, the author has created well-developed characters. The story will keep you guessing – just when you think you know what is going to happen, the opposite occurs. Tim Green fans will enjoy False Convictions.

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