The Dakota Cipher by William Dietrich

dakotaReviewed by Mary Ebert

Ethan Gage for those of you who have yet to meet him is an American Expat. That means that although he is American his home is where ever his next adventure takes him. As the book open we find Ethan in Napoleon’s good graces yet again and working to build a treaty between France and America. For all the good he’s done and most of it he admits he pulled off by the skin of his teeth, he does enjoy embellishing his tales. It makes his life as a gentleman rouge a little easier to take.

There are some days Ethan should stick to the facts. This is just not something he does easily. Nor is it something he wants to attempt. And now because of it he is off with a half crazed Viking search the western territories for Thor’s mystical hammer and as a favor to the president he is lookin for Woolly Mammoths.

People are comparing this book to Indiana Jones that series and the National Treasure movies take place in the modern world. I hate to disagree but, with Ethan all of the stories stay in the past. Ethan definitely has his share of roguish charm. That will endear him to the ladies and how confidently he handles himself will make him a hero to men. Definitely a great read.

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