Blue Lightning by Ann Cleeves

blueReviewed by Patricia Reid

In the Book No. 4 of Cleeves Shetland Quartet, Detective Jimmy Perez returns to Fair Isle to introduce Fran, his future bride, to his family and friends. Jimmy’s father and mother are happy to be able to entertain Fran on the small island. Fran’s daughter, Cassie, is spending some time with her father, which is a good thing since the weather is very bad and there is not a lot to do on Fair Isle.

Fair Isle is a destination for birdwatchers. The guests stay at the North Light lighthouse. The lighthouse is where Jimmy’s parents had decided to hold the welcome party for Jimmy and Fran. The party was very successful but the beginning of a change in direction for Jimmy’s stay in Fair Isle.

Jimmy is called to the lighthouse the following morning because a woman had been murdered. Jimmy is forced to handle the investigation on his own. The weather would not allow his coworkers to travel to Fair Isle nor could a plane or boat remove the body from the island.

The suspects were many and Jimmy had difficulty with the investigation. The reader may suspect the identity of the killer but at least this reader did not suspect the surprise ending that came as quite a shock.

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