Bits and Pieces by Annette Mahon

bitsandpieces_smallReviewed by Patricia Reid

Maggie Browne is one of the members of the St. Rose Quilting Bee and Senior Guild at her church. When Clare, another member of the group, phones Maggie to tell her she has spotted a fugitive from the police in the Big-Mart store, Maggie instructs her to call 911 immediately. Clare does call 911 but when the police fail to appear Clare decides to follow Kenny Upland, the man the police need to interview.

Kenny is a war veteran and has a hard time adjusting once he returns to the states. Kenny’s house in Scottsdale exploded and the bodies of his wife and children are discovered inside. Kenny’s whereabouts were unknown and he became the most likely suspect.

Members of the guild had mixed emotions regarding Kenny’s guilt. When Clare finally returns to report to the group Clare declares that they must get to work and prove Kenny innocent. Clare is firmly convinced that Kenny was not involved in the death of his family.

To please Clare, the other members of the group begin their investigation and it is amazing what facts they uncover and still manage not to get behind on their quilting projects. This is an interesting cozy with good characters and some interesting quilting information.

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