Behind the Lost Symbol by Tim Collins

symbolReviewed by Jud Hanson

If you enjoyed The Lost Symbol but want to know more about the landmarks and groups mentioned in the book, then read Behind the Lost Symbol. It is an excellent companion to the book and goes into quite a bit of details concerning such things as The Apotheosis of Washington on the Capitol Rotunda’s ceiling or the origin of Magic Squares.

I enjoyed the novel tremendously and gained quite a bit of insight by reading this companion guide. It’s fairly short, written in the style of an encyclopedia and very easy to understand. I am vacationing in DC this summer and look forward to checking out some of the statements in the book, such as the supposed pentagram shape north of the White House or the landscaping around the Washington Monument looking like the symbol know as a Circumpunct.

I highly recommend this book to any and all fans of Dan Brown.

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