Who Owns the World by Kevin Cahill

worldReviewed by Diane Pollock

Who? A handfull…. The book had great points on land ownership, but was rather depressing. In spite of all so-called “social progress” in “rule of law” based states, land ownership is still restricted to the elites. A world in which a figurehead queen can own 1/6th of the surface of the Earth is a world that has very little hope.

A minor fault of the book is the rather exhaustive lists of land use in third world countries. While slightly interesting, most Americans want to know how land is disposed of here, not in Burkina Faso or Outer Mongolia.

While raising interesting points, little is given as a solution to land inequity. Eighty percent of Americans live in metropolitan areas. According to the tome, 8.2 acres of land is available to every American. But, the book never states what should be done to end this quasi-feudal state of affairs. This puts this book in the category of putting out data, but never offering any “politically incorrect” solutions, such as revolution or land redistribution.

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