The Wife’s Tale by Lori Lansens

taleReviewed by Nancy Eaton

How would you feel if you were waiting for your husband to come home and he did not? This is exactly what happened to Mary Gooch on the evening before their 25th wedding anniversary.

There were many nights that Mary’s husband did not come home on time. She did not question where he was or what he was doing. She and her husband married very young – they met in their last year of high school. Mary was always overweight as a child and this is where she heard the term obese. However, being a young child, she thought the word the doctor mentioned to her mother was “obeast”. She did manage to slim down but right before her wedding started to gain weight again.

Now Mary is a compulsive eater and weighs at least 300 pounds. Mary has never done anything too much on her own except head for the refrigerator. When she realized her husband was not coming back, she started to search for him. The first thing she did was board an airplane. She had never been on an airplane before.

Mary begins her journey and along the way discovers many individuals who are of help to her and on the other hand, she ends up helping some people too. She also finds there are many other people who are much worse off. Most importantly, Mary finds the inner strength to become her own person and not have the fear that she had before.

Lori Lansens does an excellent job of pulling the reader right into Mary’s life. It doesn’t take long for the reader to want to cheer her on. You will feel for Mary as she gets carried away with her compulsive eating. I enjoyed the way the author flashed back and forth with some of Mary’s past to give us an insight as to how many of her problems came about. The Wife’s Tale has a great cast of characters who really come to life through Lori Lansen’s writing. Be sure to add The Wife’s Tale to your reading list.

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