The Bricklayer by Noah Boyd

bricklayerReviewed by Nancy Eaton

The Bricklayer is Noah Boyd’s first novel. Since this is the first example we have of his writing ability, all I can say is that we are in for a special treat with any future books he also writes.

Someone is playing cat and mouse games with the FBI. Steve Vail is an ex-agent who was fired because he did not want to follow the rules. However, Steve knows his “stuff”. Deputy Assistant Director, Kate Bannon, asked Steve to return to the FBI to help solve this one case. Bannon had her own agenda since she was recently promoted and under pressure from the public to solve this case.

The murders that are taking place appear to be done by a terrorist group but are they really? Could this be the work of one deranged individual who is trying to make the FBI believe a terrorist group is involved?

Are Steve and Kate able to solve this case?

Noah Boyd is an excellent writer. The Bricklayer is fast moving and never gets boring. One has to like the character of Steve Vail who is defiant in his own way but an expert at what he does. He and Kate work well together and the reader can feel the mutual attraction between them. The Bricklayer has plenty of action, an intriguing plot, interesting characters and an ending that does not disappoint. I look forward to the next novel by Noah Boyd.

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