Rage by Albert Samuel Tukker

rageReviewed by Teri Davis

Once in a while you find a book that is unusual, not predictable, almost haunting, and demonstrates creative thinking. RAGE is such a book. With naked ghosts and pirate treasure, RAGE romps through many times and places.

Jules Planchette finds himself in an awkward situation when he is simply trying to avoid being drenched by a downpour. As he shelters himself under the overhang of a building, he notices a vagrant. Unfortunately, this vagrant also has a mission and that is to rid himself of the “rage”. This being, “rage”, is inside of Jules’ body everything appears normal except for if he happens to witness a situation where someone is at a disadvantage or is bullied.

The “rage” seems to level the playing field in regards to fairness and being just. Unfortunately, it also overreacts and literally turns Jules into a Rambo-like being. Is it really wrong to beat up a bully who is terrifying someone? It definitely is when you can’t stop the fury and the bully ends up being killed. However, this “rage” almost gives Jules superpowers without a cape and a motto. His concern is how to control it and get rid of it.

RAGE is Jules’ story of his trials with this possession which only becomes problematic in a threatening situation. In each situation, the voice of Jules is the outstanding feature of this novel. You can truly feel his questioning of his choices, the situation, his frustration, and fear in ridding himself of the “Rage.”

Albert Samuel Tukker is masterful at balancing this adventure in terror with humor and compassion. His position of fighting for those incapable of defending themselves from life’s misfortunes while being possessed makes this twist unusual, but intriguing.

My biggest question about RAGE is why isn’t a regular publisher working with the obviously gifted author. Yes, this book is a self-published, vanity press novel. Being that this book have already won an award, I am puzzled.

Albert Samuel Tukker lives in the Omaha metropolitan area. He is definitely an author that is an extremely gifted storyteller with an imaginative gift for writing. Unquestionably, I look forward to reading his other novels.

A review copy of this book was supplied to the reviewer by the author.

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