Doubleback: A Novel of Suspense by Libby Fischer Hellmann (Review #3)

doublebackReviewed by Teri Davis

“Panic has a way of defining an individual. It scrapes the soul bare, scrapes away pretense, reveals the core of the human spirit. It’s hard to dissemble when fear crawls up your throat, you hear stampedes like a herd of wild animals, and your skin burns with the prickly-heat of terror. For the six people thrown together in a Loop office building on a hot June day, the moments they shared would reveal parts of themselves they had not know existed.”

What would you do if your neighbor’s daughter was kidnapped and the mother was told not to contact the police? If you had a good friend who worked as a private investigator, wouldn’t you contact that person?

That is the situation that reunites video producer, Ellie Foreman with private investigator, Georgia Davis. Now, when the little girl is returned after being gone for three days, no ransom obviously paid, the mother just wants the investigation over. The police, who were contacted, also know no more about the kidnapping. Do you drop it?

Do you decide to investigate when the brakes on the mother’s car go out and she is killed? The mother was employed in the computer systems in a bank and three million dollars is missing. Coincidentally, the mother’s boss just died in another questionable accident. The girl’s father agrees to hire Georgia to investigate.

Besides the kidnapping, DOUBLEBACK investigates illegal immigrants, smuggled drugs, and security firms who are not always following the same laws as everyone else. Georgia and Ellie quickly learn that with all that has happened sometime you need to double back to understand the entire situation running from Wisconsin to Arizona and back.

DOUBLEBACK is the sequel to EASY INNOCENCE combining both Ellie and Georgia. Other books by Libby Hellmann featuring only Ellie Foreman are AN EYE FOR MURDER, A PICTURE OF GUILT, AN IMAGE OF DEATH, and A SHOT TO DIE FOR.

I found the novel to be suspenseful, thoughtful, and logical while reading at a break-neck pace. The characters were believable as was the story; this is definitely a wonderful “escape” into reading. I loved reading about this adventure but definitely would not want to live this adventure in real life.

A review copy of this book was supplied to the reviewer by the author.

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