The Secret of the Sacred Scarab by Fiona Ingram

scarabReviewed by Laura Goodwin

This book is a cross between the Goonies meets Indiana Jones. The story revolves around Adam and Justin who are cousins that go to Egypt with their Aunt Isabel and Gram (Grandmother). The boys are interested in James Kinnaird who is an Archeologist who is searching for the tomb of the ancient Egyptian ruler, The Scarab King. A lot of myths and legends surround this ancient ruler and the boys try to figure out what is fact and what is fiction.

While on the street, the boys meet a mysterious street peddler who gives Adams an ancient scarab. Very bizarre things start to happen from this moment on and they start to believe it is this scarab that is causing them misfortune. At the museum, they meet Dr. Khalid who is the head of the Department of antiquities and research, and he shows an interest in their scarab. Adam and Justin soon learn that their hero, James Kinnaird is missing and they feel that something is defiantly going on here. The boys are being chased by countless enemies and eventually they are kidnapped by these men. The motive appears to be Dr. Khalid is trying to locate the sacred tomb and get the treasures.

Eventually, the boys evade their captors and finally fond James Kinnaird and Laila at the same time. The foursome is able to escape the tomb in the nick of time before it crumbles to the ground and is covered with sand. The boys are reunited with their Aunt and Grams and they return to South Africa. Ebrahim, a man they had met in Egypt, shows up at their school and rewards them both with gold medallions to commemorate their visit. He also gives them a replica of the scarab.

This was a great novel for young adults and had a lot of action in it, although it did not appear until late in the novel. The author is very knowledgeable about Egypt and the history of it as well. She is also very descriptive in the landmarks in Egypt. I only gave it four stars because I thought it was lacking in something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

A review copy of this book was supplied to the reviewer by the author.

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