Vi Agra Falls by Mary Daheim

fallsReviewed by Mary Glass-Royce

Judith McMonigle Flynn is back in the 24th cozy and funny Bed and Breakfast mystery.

Joe’s first wife, Vivian better known as “herself” now very wealthy, moves back to the neighborhood causing quite a shake up. Following on her heels Is a wonderful motley crew of long lost and not so lost relatives, including her “Boy Toy” husband. The fun begins when Vivian decides to throw a party to unleash a big surprise! But it looks like Vivian’s got more than a hangover on her hands . Which of her enemies leaves an unknown party guest to “hang” around in her backyard? Amateur sleuth Judith comes to the rescue once again!

You know that when you check into Hillside Manor, you are in for entertaining stay with the best group of eccentrics around.

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