Unpredictable Crossing by Jonna-Lynn K Mandelbaum

unpredictableReviewed by Cy Hilterman

A twelve-year old girl, Tristeza, observed her village being burned to the ground after all its residents were killed by a horde of brutal people in her Mozambique. She had no family left now. Where was she to turn?

Amanda Bechtel, a missionary nurse in Mozambique, had to leave for home after being notified that her mother was very ill. She left unable to notify her betrothed fearing involvement of the secret police with his family.

Flash forward a few years to the streets of Rio de Janeiro where the Colonel Antonio Perreira rode through the streets picking up any young people he could find for his or his soldiers use.

Again flash forward as Amanda and her husband, Jeffrey Allmond, who at this time had been married seven-years, were preparing for a cruise. She had not heard anything regarding her betrothed in Mozambique since the Portuguese secret police censored all mail going in or out. She gave up on her past life and looked forward to the future. She loved Jeffrey and that was what mattered now.

Tristeza worked on the cruise ship as a cabin stewardess and the Allmond’s cabin was one of her assignments. She was mortified when she discovered that the colonel and his wife and daughter were passengers on the ship. Everyone knew he was on board because of his continual bullying voice and tactics toward anyone near, even his own family.

Amanda and Jeffrey were placed at the same table as the colonel and his family. They learned directly what a nasty man he was. The cruise continued with mysterious and goofy things occurring that brought full attention to almost everyone. Tristeza now went by the name Tristi. She remembered the man that was responsible for wiping out her family and her village but the colonel did not recognize her. She still did all she could do to hide from him being so feared of what he would do if he did recognize her.

The cruise continues with much interaction between Amanda, Jaffrey, Tristi, and the colonel’s family. The memory of her past life made Tristi chilled and scared. She did not want to keep having such memories as a child but the colonel kept those thoughts ingrained in her.

There are some flashbacks that will make the readers cringe themselves and wonder how humans can treat other humans as the colonel did and apparently still did. A very enjoyable story. The friendships that formed had to have continued after the story ended. I thank Jonna-Lynn for an excellent story told as though she was the subject that was hurt so badly.

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