The Terrorist Legacy by Mr. Pat

legacyReviewed by Cy Hilterman

This is a very large book that tells a story of the world today with all the battles of terrorism, religion, brutality, rape, control of humans, and food scarcity. I was afraid the book would lose the reader just by the immense scope of the story that spreads over many nations, seas and oceans, many people and organizations, and how precious life really is and how that life can be threatened by terrorists who obtain a nuclear device. It also tells of the attempt to save children in parts of Africa where life is not valuable to most, not even a child’s life.

In many of the African nations kidnapping and slavery of children is rampant. An organization attempts to get some of these children and save them by setting up camps to school them, however the Muslim’s in charge were reluctant to allow such camps as they wanted control of everyone in the entire area so they could kill anyone they felt like eliminating. After all, there were so many that the ones they killed would never be missed! The ones that are strong enough were kept as workers in the military camps or used for the men in that military. No one was too young to be used or raped. Several camps were formed and did well but it was too expensive and difficult to keep and protect these children with the cost of “obtaining” them through those in command. The next hope was to bring some of these children to Israel by establishing a camp there. This was against all Muslim ways to allow the Jewish people to have any of the African children there so they fought it all they could.

The story above is only a tip of the books contents. From Africa we jump to two super boats that were each built to travel speeds upward of 70 knots per hour, carry nuclear weapons as well as regular weaponry of all types, hulls made of super strong materials to keep them safe, and each one run by opposite thinking people; Muslim extremists against free world groups. The “New Day” vs. the “Diversion”, both capable of mass destruction. The mission of the New Day was to wipe out the American super carrier “Lincoln” and its accompanying ships. The Diversion was meant to keep a rich family safe while on their honeymoon but the missions all changed with terrorists involved.

There is no way I can write a short review on The Terrorist Legacy. I can only point you in the direction of all of the above and tell you the story is great. There area a few places of repetition but not many. I think the author used some this repetition to connect the reader’s mind as they read the book. It has much excitement and gives you history as it goes on. Unless you have no interest in the world around you and how nasty it can be, this is a must read.

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