The Tenth Justice by Brad Meltzer

tenthReviewed by Julie Moderson

Ben Addison has just landed the job of a lifetime as a clerk for the Supreme Court justices. Ben is just out of Yale Law School and now has the prestige of clerking for Justice Hollis.

Working on the Supreme Court means that any law firm that wasn’t trying to woo Ben to their law firm before would do so now. Clerks are the most sought after for their experiences on the court by all law firms. Ben finds himself clerking with Lisa Schulman who is a beautiful, funny and great girl to spend a year with in a small office. Ben lives with his three friends that he grew up with; Eric who writes for theWashington Post, Nathan who works for the State Department and Ober who is working for a Senator. The young men have just graduated and are all starting their adult career dream jobs.

Ben gets tricked into sharing a Supreme Court decision before it is public and soon finds himself getting blackmailed. The blackmailer made a fortune on the info and wants more from Ben. Ben is worried he may have just blown his whole career on a stupid mistake and his friends jump into help. Now not only is Ben’s career in jeopardy but all of his friend’s careers are too. Ben thinks it is all about him and is selfish and uses his friends without regard to their safety or well being.

I wished for a different ending as this one was a bit of a let down but it’s not a romance novel so it is a great book. This is a fast paced book that you can’t put down and it has so many surprises that you won’t believe the tale that Meltzer has spun. He writes a fantastic legal novel that will surprise you at every turn.

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