The Love Revolution by Joyce Meyer

loveReviewed by Nancy Eaton

In her introduction, Joyce Meyer states, “We need a love revolution”. “If every person on the planet knew how to receive and give love, our world would be a radically different place.” Just think about this statement for a minute. These words sure make sense!

The author uses situations that happen to people each day to explain and show what she means by a love revolution. These situations can involve the sick, the poor, and your neighbors – just about every situation or thing.

Joyce points out that we should not live for ourselves. The key is to give of ourselves. Being selfish will not do!

This book is written in an easy to understand format. You are given an example of the problem that exists and ways to deal with it. At the beginning of the book, Joyce gives the readers some statistics of things that are not right in the world and you will be astounded by the figures. There are numerous quotes from the Bible.

This book also includes some chapters done by guest writers.

The Love Revolution is an excellent guide for Christians and for anyone who might want to change their ways by starting to help others. The author does an excellent job of bringing things to our attention that need to be changed. If you are a Joyce Meyer fan, you will find this a rewarding read.

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