The Dark Planet by Patrick Carman

planetReviewed by The Bookworm (Note: The Bookworm is one of our young adult reviewers).

The Dark Planet had a pretty basic plot, but the world this book inhabited was cleverly built. The description of the Futuristic world in which Edgar and the other characters lived was very focused and precise. Every character, creature, storm, rock, atmosphere, food source, etc had their limitations. Like reality, people can’t do everything and anything. Even with his special abilities, Edgar was still grounded by the same natural laws as everyone else and both the futuristic government and food source were viable and oddly logical.. Nothing was too crazy or out there, but had just enough oddities to validate it’s sci-fi feel.

There were several mentions of past characters and events that were in the prior books in the trilogy, but were not part of this last book. It really had me wanting to read the first two books, but I didn’t have to. The Dark Planet was so well explained that it could be fully comprehended without reading the others.

While I really enjoyed this book and zoomed through it, it’s really more for a reading level of middle schoolers. The author provided descriptions for everything, and the characters, while interesting and entertaining, weren’t filled out enough to become people I felt like I could meet. I do suggest The Dark Planet to any and all middle schoolers/ tweens out there.

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