The Apostate Theory by Mr. Pat

theoryReviewed by Cy Hilterman

This work of fiction is taken from actual real issues regarding Muslim beliefs. Mr. Pat lays it on the line while using the facts to write a story so compelling and close to our world today. I had read Mr. Pat’s last book, “The Terrorist Legacy” and thought it was scary but “The Apostate Theory” gives us cause to really stop and think of what is going on in our world and what consequences lie ahead. The true fact about the Muslim religion is that any male born to a Muslim father must remain a Muslim. If he doesn’t and doesn’t change his every day life back to Muslim, he becomes an Apostate and the punishment is DEATH.

Before I start the review I remind all of you that our current President of the United States, Barack Obama, was born of a Muslim father and has changed his religion to that of a Christian. Combine the above paragraph with this fact and you have a very scary situation. Through the book the thinking of Muslims is that they will wait to carry out the punishment to our president until they have a huge network of terrorists carrying out much terrorism throughout the entire world. This book is so current that it describes many current problems; our economy, the bailouts, our current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the hunt and the leadership that now cause a battle between our military and the leadership of our nation (such as the request for more military troops in Afghanistan and the uncertainty of allowing them), and the expansion of the Muslim religion and beliefs throughout the entire world including the United States. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is also in play.

The characters in the story are ultra-real as are the locations and descriptions. Several other nations are also involved directly or indirectly in explaining conditions on all continents. I am not going to mention all the players in the book but I will state that all facets of the United States government as well as most other free nations that are stymied by their government or religious fanatics not allowing for free and independent living. Also the nations we consider free and how the Muslim’s have and are planning future takeovers to stop any religion other than Muslim.

I consider this book a MUST read unless you are buried in a cave under a huge mountain or on a deserted island where no one ever visits! The action is non-stop. The story will make you read over and over a few paragraphs that you never thought possible on earth. Do not let your political thinking stop you from reading because this story could occur under any type of government or political party in any nation.

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