Storm Damage by Sandy Mason

stormReviewed by Julie Moderson

This is Sandy Mason’s first in the series of Johnny Donohue adventures. I read the second one first and now I have read the first. It is not important that you read them in order but just read them. Sandy Mason makes you long for the gulf coast sandy beaches.

Johnny is a guy who will never feel that he can live up to his younger more successful brother who is the family jewel. The whole family loves Mike who is the vice president of sales for Hewlett Packard. Mike is successful and Johnny is not. Who knows if Mike is as content with his life as Johnny but this is how Johnny precedes Mike to be. Johnny does like his Heinekens and that is what Mike sees about Johnny.

Johnny gets a call from Mike that Karen Reilley who was Mike’s childhood sweetheart has died and he sends Johnny to help Karen’s husband Scott out. Johnny who seems to me like an all around nice guy, drops everything to go help Scott with planning a funeral and to help Scott get legal representation because they always suspect the husband in a suspicious death.

Johnny gets help from his good friend Lonnie Turner who is an ex detective. Lonnie coaches Scott on what not to say to the police when they question him.

The book has many twists and stories that it will keep you on the edge of your seat. I found this to be an excellent summer book for on the beach. I won’t spoil the ending which was quite a surprise to me.

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