Nibble & Kuhn by David Schmahmann

nibbleReviewed by Julie Moderson

Nibble & Kuhn is a Boston Law firm that had been around for 110 years and was expanding fast; it had tripled in size in the seven years that Derek Dover had been there as an associate. Derek was on pace to become a partner by the end of the year if everything continued to go well for him. Derek had met Maria Parma in June when Nibble & Kuhn hired a small troop of law students. They flirt with each other and Derek’s secretary Kay pretends not to notice. They are truly in love but then Derek finds out that Maria is engaged.

Nibble & Kuhn has gone through several office managers until they hire Mrs. Buckles. She then hires Miss Bertucci who is the Move Coordinator for the move into the huge expensive new Law Office. After that, Miss Bertucci will be the head of the Administrative Coordination Department. Mrs. Buckles quickly dislikes Derek and he feels the same about her because of the endless rules that don’t work. The partners think she is wonderful so all the attorneys are stuck with her. He must sign out everything that he needs and say how long he needs it for even if he doesn’t know how long a trial will be.

When Derek is summoned to Tony Olwine’s office, he thinks this is about the partnership that he is certain will be his but to his surprise it isn’t. In Olwine’s office is Margaret Kelly a lawyer who is a partner that has never in all her years appeared before a jury. Kelly is probably the most disorganized and ill-tempered person Derek knows. When Olwine announces that Kelly has been nominated by the Governor to be a justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court, all Derek can do is to say congratulations. Derek gets stuck with the case that Kelly won’t be able to finish dealing seven little boys with cancer. When Derek gets the disorganized mess that Kelly has handed over to him, he is completely overwhelmed because it is scheduled to go to trial and it is in no way ready. Olwine then tells him he can’t spend $100 without his approval. He begs for help with the case and gets Maria assigned to help him. The expert witnesses that Kelly picked are merely paid professional witnesses with no credentials. How is Derek going to win a trial without witnesses?

It is a shock to see what happens. How many times do you get to read a great novel that has a wonderful storyline and just the right amount of romance?

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