Murder on a Midsummer Night: A Phryrne Fisher Mystery by Kerry Greenwood

midsummerReviewed by Teri Davis

Phryne Fisher is a liberated, modern, and gutsy woman living in Australia in the year 1929. Having been involved with previous criminal investigations and solving them, she has a reputation for being intelligent, trustworthy, and persistence. She will not give up until she has answers to your questions.

When an antique-shop owner apparently commits suicide, his mother is not convinced and believes that he was murdered. She hires Phryne. Penetrating his inner circle of wealthy and privileged families and friends who all feel that they are above the ordinary people, Phyrne’s wealth and own upbringing allows her access and respect to this group that feel they are above the laws of the common people.

During this same time, she is asked to find the illegitimate child of a wealthy matron much to the concern of the legitimate side of the family. How will this change their inheritance?

To truly enjoy this novel, you do need to have the background of the previous books in this series. You cannot truly understand her household situation or her personal relationships without knowing the characters and experiences in this series.

Whenever you read a Phryne Fisher mystery, it’s like being reacquainted with an old friend. Kerry Greenwood successfully transports you to a different time and place with each investigation.

Kerry Greenwood has experience in the Australian legal system. She has written over forty novels and this is the sixteenth Phryne Fisher installment.

MURDER ON A MIDSUMMER NIGHT is a delightful jaunt into another place and time. The characters are realistic and Phryne Fisher is the perfect, liberated, stylish investigator for solving a crime or asking awkward questions to sensitive and secretive suspects. This is the person I would want if I ever needed someone in those uncomfortable situations.

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