It Only Takes a Moment by Mary Jane Clark

momentReviewed by Julie Moderson

Mary Jane Clark is a best selling author and former writer and producer of CBS News and she really writes about what she knows. Her parents met while working for the FBI. Her father was assigned to high profile kidnapping and extortion cases. He never discussed those cases but it was easy to figure out what the case was by reading the newspaper or watching TV. What a great resource her father was in writing this well written chilling novel.

Eliza Blake is a television personality for KEY morning news. She seems to have it all going for her. She is a single mother whose husband passed away just before her 7-year-old daughter Janie was born. For the last two years she has had a wonderful caregiver, Carmen Garcia, taking care of Janie and adoring her daughter as if she were her own.

Janie is taken from her day camp one morning by Carmen Garcia and is not seen or heard from. The FBI suspects that Carmen Garcia is responsible for the missing child and even suspects Eliza Blake for kidnapping her own child. Psychic Stephanie Quick volunteers her services and is quickly dismissed by the police and FBI. When Stephanie tells Eliza things that no one can know, like her husband loves the fact that Eliza still wears the perfume she wore while he was alive, Eliza starts to believe in her abilities. Stephanie dreams things and calls Eliza with leads to finding Janie. Eliza has her boss at KEY news wanting exclusives to the kidnapping and she has to deal with the press camped out on her front lawn while her life is falling apart around her.

This is such a terrifying well-written novel with a shocking ending and surprises at every turn. I would recommend that everyone read this novel.

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