Illuminations of the Heart by Joyce DiPastena

illuminationsReviewed by Jane Squires

I was truly surprised by this book. I thought my oldest daughter would love it because she loves Medieval stuff. I have never been a big fan of castles, kings, lords, etc. but this book blew me away.

I found myself enraptured within the pages. The book is full of faith, forgiveness, and spiritual insight too. You hold your breath over and over again hoping someone gets loose and other stuff. You finally reach a point where you know you aren’t going to sleep. So you shut the computer off early and read for 3 hours because you have to know how the book ends. You become like a cheering squad.

What I liked most about this book was the faith aspect woven in it. It showed how tough it was to be have faith during this period. So if you don’t like castles, knights, etc., you’ll still love this book.

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