Evidence of Murder by Lisa Black

evidenceReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Things have not been going too well for forensic investigator Theresa MacLean since the death of her fiancé eight months ago.

Theresa was asked to assist with a case. Jillian Perry, a newlywed with a young daughter has been found dead. Jillian was a former escort but turned her life around. The police cannot determine how she died. The autopsy was not very conclusive either. The only thing the police can figure is that she wandered into the woods and succumbed to the freezing weather.

This theory does not set well with Theresa. She does not believe Jillian died in this manner and was determined to find out what really happened. Soon after Theresa became involved in the case, Jillian’s ex-boyfriend appeared and wanted custody of the child.

Is Theresa able to solve this case? What part does Jillian’s ex play in this case, if any?

Evidence of Murder is a thrilling follow up to Lisa Black’s last book, Takeover. The readers will appreciate Theresa’s intelligence and expertise as she becomes involved in the police investigation. Lisa Black does an excellent job of making the reader feel Theresa’s pain as she continues to mourn for her fiancé. Theresa comes across as a character who is strong and determined to find out the truth even when the odds are against her. Character portrayal is one of Lisa Black’s strengths. Evidence of Murder is a thriller that you will enjoy.

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